e v e r y t i m e   p r e s s

Everytime Press

What we're looking for ...

We are looking for 

• teaching resources

• learning texts

• memoir

• travel

• non-fiction

We are interested in working with writers who are not afraid to promote their own work, who enjoy promoting their own work, and who are creative when promoting their own work.

If you think we may be interested in

your manuscript, send an email to editor@everytimepress.com

Who are we?

We're a small but committed group of editors, publishers and writers with experience in independent / boutique publishing.

We are interested in bringing to life smaller manuscripts that deserve publication but given their smaller size (132 trade-size pages minimum) find it hard to find a home with other presses.

We are committed to print, but embrace eBooks too.

If you have questions about our Contracts with Authors, click here